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Product: DSP-4600A2

Power supply: 9.8-16V
Control mode: DSP controller, PC software, app software 
Filter modes: HPF/LPF
LPF: 20Hz-20kHz
HPF: 20Hz-20kHz
EQ band: 10 band per channel 
EQ gain: -12 to +12dB
S/N ratio: 102dB 
Time delay: 20MS per channel 0.021MS step 
Product size: 151 * 82 * 30mm 

1. Without tuner built-inside; without LCD screen display; operated by iOS, Android and Windows system devices
2. 6CH output, active 3-way X-over
3. Full metal casting, high-end and compact size design
4. Optional external digital Bluetooth (supports audio play and software control)
5. Included time delay, EQ, Xover, phase, mute

Three heatsink for optional.

If choose high-end RCA jack, price will be add 2 USD
35 USD Minimum order quantity: 300 pieces
32 USD Minimum order quantity: 500 pieces
30 USD Minimum order quantity: 1000 pieces

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