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Product: DSP-4600E

Model number: DSP-4600E
Power supply: 9.8-16V
Control mode: DSP controller, PC software, app software 
Filter modes: HPF/LPF
LPF: 20-20kHz
HPF: 20-20kHz
EQ band: 10 band per channel 
EQ gain: -12 to +12dB
S/N RATIO: 102dB 
Time delay: 20MS per channel 0.021MS step 
Product size: 151 * 82 * 30mm 

1. Without tuner built-inside; without LCD screen display; operated by iOS, Android and Windows system devices
2. 6CH output, active 3-way X-over
3. Full metal casting, high-end and compact size design
4. Optional external digital Bluetooth (supports audio play and software control)
5. Included time delay, EQ, Xover, phase, mute

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